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Our Vision


The Dream of Inter-Galactic Exploration

For many of us, the exploration of the Universe and its Wonders has been a life-long dream. Presently, technology and physics are not quite there to make this dream a reality.  One avenue to stimulate our minds to make the journey is the ownership of one-of-a-kind abstract ADA Galaxies. The process of art creation has a distinct random component (generations of hybrid fractals), making the galaxies, environments, and creatures have a surprising structure and artistic content that could not be envisioned within the normal human imagination. Our creations stimulate the mind to reach beyond the mundane and possibly even the magical and spiritual realm. 

                          The Team 


We are a female-led team that includes a physicist, astronomer, and artist set on making great fractal art that stimulates the imaginations of all owners. Our skill sets encompass many different areas of STEAM, which makes our product unique and ultimately collectible. 

Hitch your wagon to a Galaxy


—Galaxy Registry

Photo: M51 NASA

Dr. Julia M. Brot: Science and Engineering


Julia 'Mandy' Brot is a Plasma Physicist who relocated from New Mexico to the mysterious Sonoran Desert.  Mandy worked on high-profile projects in the area of fusion energy, environments, and high energy density physics. Julia brings this unusual perspective to our ADA galaxy project where the NFT owner can explore the inner space of their consciousness.

Black Orchid: Arts and Technology


Black Orchid is a young artist who directs the artistic content of the collection to awaken the inner self of Community owners. Orchid also wishes to give hope and opportunity to those under-represented who want to be part of the STEAM world, one fractal-art piece at a time.

Blake Cosmos: Astronomy and Astrophysics


Credit: NASA

Blake Cosmos is an astronomer intrigued with the beauty and mystery of deep space objects. Blake uses this expertise to interpret ADA galaxies which showcase the uncanny similarity between our abstract artistic creations and actual galaxies and nebulae.

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