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ADA Galaxy Registry
Policy ID e61c72a22d24c39999c1f201aeac501fb50ed925e0ebd9b4ba102eea

Own a unique NFT registered on the Cardano blockchain depicting abstract island Universes and their exotic locales and inhabitants.

Artistic interpretation of an active galactic nucleus with precession of compact plasma objects (CPO) and emission of a jet of energetic particles and radiation.

Click below for the sound of
plasma waves->


ADA Galaxy Registry Drop I The Big Bang!

Credit: NASA

Because each unique abstract galaxy, environment, or creature is the result of literally thousands of trials with large sets of hybrid fractal algorithms, art pieces will be added at a pace consistent with the time it takes to generate and interpret them.

Buyers of the first 100 galaxies revealed at the Big Bang Drop receive a bonus Galactic Ring NFT for being early explorers of our galaxies...


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